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Case Study - Fort Drum Army Base, New York

3,600 New And Existing Homes Treated With Aeroseal After Manual Sealing Methods Fail

Location:Fort Drum Army Base, New York
Stats:2,200 existing homes; 1,400 new homes
Goal:Improve energy performance.
Before Aeroseal:
Average new home air duct leakage 30%.
After Aeroseal:
New home air duct leakage rated at 5% or less.
Average gas use in each home was reduced by 47%.

Lend Lease was on a mission: To get 3,600 new and existing homes in the Fort Drum Mountain Community ENERGY STAR® certified. To do so, they knew they had to reduce duct system leakage of each home from an average of 20-30% down to 5% or less. After several attempts with various methods of duct sealing, they found only one thing worked – Aeroseal. Today, the Fort Drum Mountain Community is the largest New York ENERGY STAR (NYSERDA) certified community in the history of New York State.

Lend Lease knew that saving energy costs would be a critical factor in their bottom line profits for managing the 3,600 homes under their care in the Fort Drum Mountain Community. Lend Lease called on Aeroseal to test for air duct leakage in each new home being built. ENERGY STAR certification demanded no more than 5 percent duct leakage. After each house received a failing grade, Aeroseal was asked to fix the problem.

At first, painstaking measures were taken to properly install and manually seal each of the new duct systems with mastic and tape. Initial tests were positive. That was in the Fall of 2005 when the weather was fair. Three months later, once the temperatures around the upper state New York community began to drop, so did the effectiveness of the newly installed duct work. The only permanent solution to properly sealing the air ducts was Aeroseal.

Over the course of the project, more than 3,600 new and existing homes, including standalone homes, apartments and multi-unit dwellings were Aerosealed. Best of all, each home was tested before, during and after the sealing process. This allowed Land Lease to document Aeroseal’s effectiveness and ultimately gain Energy Star certification for each and every home.