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HomeStars Review Our Work
HomeStars Review Our Work

Anthony Grande - Greater Toronto, Ontario

Aeroseal GTA:

Dear Tibo,

     I would like to thank you and your team at Aeroseal GTA for the excellent work done at my home. Your services were exceptional. Your team sealed the ductwork resulting in an immediate improvement in the airflow to my third floor and in my children’s rooms. Your team was also able to identify the presence of a disconnected run which I was able to have fixed.

     The scientific approach your team took to seal the home was impressive. The computer aided graphs indicating residual air leaking due to improper ductwork confirmed the suspicions I had been living with for years.

     My home is now significantly more comfortable than before. I have not had to use secondary heating and air conditioning units to supplement my forced air HVAC system due to your excellent work.

     I have recommended your service to friends and family and will continue to do so.

Thank You,

Anthony Grande

Kevin B - Courtice, Ontario

     Before Joe and Tibo came to seal our ducts, we just couldn’t get any heat to make it’s way to the bedrooms in our 20 year old back-split.  The first night after the Aeroseal treatment, my daughter could finally sleep with her door closed and her room was as comfortable as the rest of the house.  We couldn’t be happier with the results!  I only wish we had found out about this sooner!

Kevin B.

Jonathan M. - Milton, Ontario

     Firstly, I was very impressed with the knowledge of the technicians and the time spent to walk me through the process.  I found the concept ingenious and couldn’t wait to see the data after my central air system was tested.  I was concerned about the odor of the sealant, but that concern was very soon dismissed as the odor was not strong, and it was virtually undetectable when guests arrived at my home a few hours later.

     Secondly, I’ve seen a noticeable improvement in my system’s performance in a few ways; less running time to heat home (despite it being consistently -10 degrees outside each day), and each room feels more evenly heated.  This difference is most noticed in my master bedroom which WAS the coldest room in the home, but it’s now comfortable.  I can’t wait to see how this positively reduces my energy costs.

     Lastly, the technicians were pleasant to deal with, took steps to prevent mess and flexible with my schedule.  Overall I was very impressed with the end result and for the great service too.

Thanks so much!

Jonathan M.

Hung H. - Thornhill, Ontario

     The crew was very courteous, considerate, and professional right from the start.  They were respectful of my home, ensuring they rolled out the plastic drops for floors and even covered our high end electronics so it wouldn’t get damaged.

     The work is simply amazing.  Our duct was leaking 29.2% prior to any work done and after they sealed it the leakage dropped to only 2%. It’s incredible how much warmer the house feels!  The guys even took the time to thoroughly answer all  the questions I had. I even snuck in a few questions not related to aeroseal and they were more than happy to give me tips and advice. These guys are genuinely nice very knowledgeable when it comes to homes. I would definitely recommend these guys to others.

     The money was very well spent and totally worth it!  Thanks guys!

Hung H.