The Aeroseal Process

1. Analyze Ductwork

We must first determine the amount of leakage from your duct system.  To do so, we isolate the ducts and perform a computerized pressure test.

An access hole is cut above the furnace, which is then blocked off using closed cell foam and duct mask tape.
Registers throughout the building are also plugged using the same method.
The pressure test is performed using an industry standard DG-700 Pressure and Flow Manometer.

2. Sealing From the Inside-Out

Science tells us that high pressure seeks low pressure.  It's true.  Eat a burrito and 30 minutes later you will see (and smell).  This same principle is the basis of our patented Aeroseal process.  An aerosolized sealant is injected into the ductwork under pressure and forced out through the leaks, where the Aeroseal particles accumulate and bond for life.

3. Verify the results

A second pressure test is conducted to measure final leakage and a certificate of completion is provided to the customer to replace the kids' schoolwork on the fridge.

4. Enjoy

Finally, comfort in your own home.